WebP2P is a loose organization of hackers exploring the new P2P web technologies.

We'll be discussing, and more importantly building, new open source peer to peer technologies on the web using WebRTC, ROAP/JSEP, and WebDHTs to create resilient and distributed web-based peer to peer services.

To join the discussion, just send an email to webp2p@librelist.com!

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Getting Started

To use WebRTC, you'll need to have development versions of modern browsers, specifically Chrome Canary and/or Firefox Nightly.

Chrome Canary:

Firefox Nightly:

Mailing List

Most of the discussion happens on the mailing list. To join, just send an email to webp2p@librelist.com and you'll be signed up! Once you're signed up, please introduce yourself!

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There is a Wiki full of resources we have collected. It's a bit small right now, but it might be a good starting point for you, and you can contribute back what you find!

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If you're brave enough to enter to a productivity-vampire from the 1980's, there is a #webp2p channel on irc.freenode.org. Come and say hello!

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