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World of Espionage, James Bond Android Game


Take down evil villains, drive the world’s fastest cars, seduce beautiful girls, and sip all the martinis you’ll ever hope for, all at the little bit of a button. No, extraordinarily – all one button. James Bond: World of spying takes everything nice regarding 007 and relegates it to sound. regulator to shoot enemy, regulator to drink cocktail, regulator to approach woman. Every. Single. Mission.

Oh, where to even begin regarding Bond World of spying. Glu’s use of the Bond license was a let-down to say the littlest quantity. the game has it’s attractiveness, aside from being a Bond game, i accustomed be extraordinarily hoping for one factor somewhat lots of exciting. I mean, for several folks that square measure participating in video games most of our lives, we have a tendency to tend to|once we have a tendency to|after we} hear “a Bond game” we all possibly believe a rowdy fun time sitting around a Nintendo sixty four participating in Goldeneye. that sort of description is that the precise opposite of but I’d describe my experience with World of spying.

James Bond: World of spying is associate text-driven RPG that lets players collect teams of agents and then send them around on missions with the famed Agent 007, James Bond. each mission roughly follows a narrative, but nothing I powerful even remotely management my interest. it fully was all merely Bond filler: a automotive chase, a fist-fight, save the girl, save the world. All with the foremost boring methodology of delivery potential.

The action in James Bond: World of spying plays out variety of a PowerPoint presentation. If you suddenly find yourself in associate degree extremely automotive chase, you regulator the “drive” button and then an image pops up that shows you gained some experience points, some money, and lost variety of your energy. usually you even get a picture to look at that shows some random person doing one factor quite relevant to what your mission is. Sometimes.

That’s but the game is vie. You regulator the action button, numbers add up here and reckon there, and typically you’ll get a picture to look at for a brief moment before it goes away. If you’re thinking this sounds somewhat like old school social games like Mafia Wars, you’re not that faraway the mark.

To any trim back from the experience, your energy meter depletes once each regulator of the action button. albeit you have a high vary of energy (I had over 100 as a result of attribute points that I obtained by leveling up, and used them to increase the energy amount), each regulator of the action button will shortly begin accountancy you 10-13 energy points. thus my gameplay experiences with World of spying was forever short; below two minutes at the foremost.

Also, nothing at intervals the sport feels cohesive in any respect. The agents you haphazardly get don’t extraordinarily play into the story on the so much aspect having their name usually inserted into the narrative, and their profile photos gave the planning of they were all ripped off of a cheap costume kits. From their absurd wardrobe to their goofy expressions, it’s like Bond got drunk and created friends at MI6’s day party, dragging them on on his next journey.

Some people will relish James Bond: World of spying. There square measure people who don’t love to play video games, but still relish tinkering with cards and numbers whereas gazing photos of pretty girls. There square measure people who rather wish to slowly collect a vibrant solid of characters, and then use them against totally different players in multiplayer battles. If you’re one of these two groups of players, there may be one factor in World of spying for you. aside from anyone else checking out a game to really play? continue making an attempt. This mission may be a bust.

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